Ring Powercraft commercial craft have developed through client input and a natural evolution of practical design features that are born when design meets user experience.

There is an ever growing need by agencies for higher performance , handling and economy , a development that can only come from a thoroughbred background forged from hard won success on the world's most testing offshore circuits over a four decade timescale. Ring Powercraft is one of the few companies with the depth of experience in performance design that can meet that criteria.

Rib and conventional 24 degree hulls to 13 metres with a comprehensive range of consoles and cabin arrangements with bolster, bucket, jockey and suspension seating options available.

Engine installations up to triple diesel and quadruple outboards suit any criteria of performance and payload. With outboard , sterndrive and surface drives, all requirements are catered for.

All hulls are built and comply to the RCD standard with additional coding to specialist requirements.



Ring 1200 / 2x D6 volvo
….’’ There is no question about the hulls efficiency…. The most impressive feature of the efficient hull is the way the craft just seems to slip along at 40 mph with the revs pulled back to a gentle and economical canter. ‘’


Ring 860 Rib test
.’’The boat feels very distinctive , its totally planted on the water, as if stuck down by magnets … hauling the wheel over at what might be considered reckless speeds, results in a clean wide turn …’’